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The Armed Intellectual Mindset

Dec 24, 2018

*** This episode is a migration from another platform. <br>


Thank youfor sticking with me and if you're a first time<br>

listener, thank you for joining!***<br>


This podcast is the first ever episode of the<br>

Armed Intellectual...the AI podcast. I am  stoked.<br>

Doesn't matter what your beliefs are. Just come in with<br>

an open mind. Dude, chick, I don't care...just get after it! This<br>

podcast will be irreverent, crass, entertaining and hopefully<br>

worth your time.<br>

This introductory podcast talks about how the idea behind<br>

the Armed Intellectual occurred, why I feel capable to have<br>

this discussion, and the hope and vision behind what I want to<br>

accomplish through this medium. Bottom line, I dig excellence,<br>

I want you to get after it in your daily lives and I want you to be<br>

a rad human. If you have ideas, feedback, suggestions, hit me up on IG at armed_intellectual. You<br>

want to be on the podcast...hit me up. Let's get after it!!!!! Thank you for listening to this inaugural <br>

episode. Be rad, get after it, and Stay Armed!<br>


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